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2018 Top 10 Gift Guide for Your Parents, Kids, and the "Person that has everything"

Are you overwhelmed too when it comes to holiday shopping ideas? Do you have that person in your life that “has everything”? Christmas shopping the last few years and trying to come up with gift ideas was stressing me out! And searching for ideas was overwhelming! So, I decided to start providing simple Top 10 gift ideas in hopes others including myself can enjoy the holiday season again.

Gift Guide for Your Parents:

1.) A DNA Kit (Super Cool Idea)

I happened to catch the Today Show when they were testing 3 Triplets with 3 different DNA kits for accuracy. Each of the 3 kits were highly accurate and had the same DNA results for the 3 triplet sisters. Pretty cool and what a neat gift idea! You can even check out the video with results.

·You can find out your family history (who are your ancestors and where are they from)

· You can check out similarities between yourself and other relatvies

· You can even search for relatives you don't know that share the same DNA

· Super easy to take the DNA test in your home using saliva and mailing off

· Safe & Secure

· Really awesome to check out your results!

2. An Amazon Echo or Dot (WE LOVE OURS and is an awesome gift!)

A couple years ago we got the Echo as a gift from my in-laws and then a Dot last year from my sister. We have the Echo in our kitchen and the Dot in our master bathroom and primarily use it to listen to music but can do SO many other things. It is awesome to ask Alexa for any kind of music you want to listen to and it plays the songs and you can be across the room! The kids love to ask Alexa for songs too! Luckily, Alexa doesn’t always recognize their requests. Hehe. Below are some questions and requests I ask Alexa for:

Alexa, what’s the weather today?

Alexa, what is the recipe for _____?

Alexa, what are the measurements for ________?

Alexa, what is _____ X _____?

Alexa, save ____ and ____ and ____ on my to-do list

The possibilities are almost endless on what the Echo and Dot can tell you or help you with. You can even link your phone to the Alexa app and make and take calls using Alexa. If you or someone you know doesn’t have one, you should. Very awesome! Alexa can even add and subtract. :)

3. Pickleball Set ( I didn’t know about Pickleball until a year ago 😊)

Since I a Pickle Ball expert of 1 month (hehe…) let’s start with a definition like I had to look up when I first heard about it.

Pickleball is a game that is similar to tennis and players use paddles to hit a plastic ball (similar to a wiffle ball) over the net.

It really would is a cool gift for parents, friends, co-workers, kids, etc... I thought this was worth sharing! Maybe there are others out there that haven’t heard of this awesome sport either.

Gift Guide for the kiddos:

1.) Squishys (my 7 year old loves these!)

We currently have an ice cream cone and cupcake Squishy but more to come for Christmas. My daughter has asked Santa to bring her a doughnut Squishy, cake slice Squishy, and a pizza slice Squishy so I am on the search myself.

They are very squishy and feel kinda like a stressball but are way more FUN,CUTE and SOFT. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, designs and are made by several different companies. I think these would make fun gifts for kids, teens, and even parents & grandparents.

2. Toddler Roller Coaster Slide

We purchased this toddler coaster two years ago for our son for Christmas. He is 3 but I will tell you that our 7 year old and her friends enjoy it just as much or more than him. It has been a great purchase and great entertainment inside and outside all year!

3. Ford F-150 Fisher Price

There is not a better feeling then when your children’s faces light up because of an awesome gift! We purchased one of these for our sons 2nd birthday and what a hit it has been! Our 7 year old even loves it so it is a win win! The truck is great to ride around in but also fun to just play in or pretend to clean it, etc. If you were thinking about buying one of these for a while, go for it! Good purchase.

P.S.- you may want to purchase an extra battery because the charge doesn’t last hours so it is good to have an extra to avoid the disappointment of having to charge the battery.

4.) The Barbie Dream House

I never had a Barbie Dream House so I wanted my daughter to have one. Santa brought this last year she was super excited when she saw it! It is one of those gifts that they can use for a few years before out -growing and brings hours of play . And little brother uses it to put his cars in and push them around.

Gift Guide for the “Person that has everything”:

1.) Beer of the Month club-

A few years ago for Christmas I signed my Dad up for this and he enjoyed getting to sample beer from different breweries. I signed him up for a six month delivery and it was a gift that went over well. I believe that anyone who enjoys beer would like this as a gift.

2.) Name a Star-

Yes, you can really name a star after yourself or someone else and have it registered! My mom gave this as a gift to her friend a few years ago and thought it was so cool. Very unique gift and for those outdoor star gazers this is perfect! It even comes with a certificate and a chart of where your star is located.

3.) A Scrabble Game Board-

Game Boards aren’t just for kids! Adults still like to play! I have so many great memories of playing scrabble with my Nana (who is luckily still alive) and other board games. If you have someone you know that loves Scrabble then this would be a great gift or any other type of game board. They have some nice ones now that even go with your décor.



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